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HIEMT Body Sculpting Info


HIEMT stands for 'High Intensity Electromagnetic Technology'.

It is the first and only non-invasive body contouring machine, ranked as the best in its field at simultaneous body shaping and fat reduction.

It combines two energies (radio frequency & electromagnetic energy) for simultaneous fat elimination and muscle building in one session. 

The device simultaneously emits RF and high intensity focused electromagnetic energy for the removal of fat and building and creation of new muscle fibres.

The muscle contracts at the nerve root with one treatment triggering 20,000+ supramaximal muscle contractions; equivalent to 20,000+ kegel exercises.

With a penetration depth of 8cm into the subcutaneous fat (jiggly fat visible under your skin), it destroys and removes those stubborn fat cells you are unable to burn in a normal workout. 

You can melt fat & tone your abs, butt, arms, legs, calves & shoulders in under 30mins...and all while lying down!

With the same results as Liposuction, Tummy Tucks and Butt Implants but with no risks, HIEMT has become the new leader of the body sculpting class.

This technology is backed by 13 clinical studies and has proved to be safe, painless. In support of this, it is TGA approved and holds a 96% client satisfaction rate.


Applicators simultaneously emit synchronized RF and HIEMT energies. As a result of the radio frequency heating, the muscle temperature rapidly increases by several degrees. It prepares muscles, similarly to a warm-up prior to a workout.Within 4 minutes, the temperature in the subcutaneous fat (visible fat under the skin) reaches levels that result in 'apoptosis' (process of programmed cell death) i.e. fat cells are permanently damaged and slowly removed from the body (permanent form of fat loss).By passing the brain limitations, the muscle fibers contracts through HIEMT and energy in the treatment area intensifies to a level not achievable during a voluntary workout.Extreme stress forces the muscles in your body to adapt, resulting in an increased number and growth of both muscle fibers and cells.


Pads are placed on the treatment zones on your body and held comfortably by straps. The technician slowly increases the intensity of the RF heat and electromagnetic pulses to match your comfort levels.

The applicator will get warmer and as the treatment continues the pulses will slowly become more powerful.



Clients usually start noticing changes after their second session, but typically see their best results 3 months after their last session. Immediate results are dependant on the person as some notice a difference instantly after their first session. 



Yes, the treatment is safe. However, it is not recommended for those that are under 18 years old, are pregnant, have a pacemaker or any other implanted electronic device.

Also avoid if you have any type of metal such as a Copper IUD near the treatment area. 

As always, it is recommended that you consult with your GP prior to your first session. 



As with any form of treatment, there is a possibility that a temporary side effect may occur.  

Side effects in the treatment area can include: 

Redness (may occur post RF treatment, however usually subsides quickly) 


- If you are pregnant or breast feeding

- Have hemorrhagic conditions

- Currently have a copper / metal IUD (for abdominal treatment area)

- Have a pacemaker, electronic implants or implanted defibrillators

- Heart disease

- Pulmonary dysfunction

- Muscle or neurological disease

- Blood Thinners (Therapy)Bells' palsy

- Lack of normal skin sensation in treatment area

- Muscle injury, damage or tears in treatment area

- A malignant conditionHernia (in treatment area or have had a history of hernia repair with mesh)

- Any recent surgical procedures in the last 6 months (condition dependant as the contractions may disrupt healing)

- Any other serious conditions or illnesses



Diet and Exercise are always essential maintenance component of any type of muscle stimulation and or fat removal treatment.

It is IMPORTANT to drink a substantial amount of water (minimum of 1.5L a day) after the treatment and up to 3 days after as this helps flush out the toxins in your body. 

A healthy lifestyle and exercise regimen during and after treatment may not only produce more noticeable results, but ensure results last indefinitely.

It is recommended that a maintenance session is completed every 6 months as your muscle will retain up to 6 months from your last session. 

Fat Cavitation Info


Have you ever felt the disappointment of not being able to lift your favorite pair of jeans past your hips? Or caught yourself looking at the cellulite on your legs in the mirror? 

The reality is that sometimes there are troublesome areas that have you feeling less confident in your own skin. No matter how hard you try, whether it’s exercise or eating nutritious healthy food, it just doesn’t get the full extent of results you’re looking for.  

At Lotus Bird, we want you to feel like you’re glowing in confidence so you can take on the world with the important things you have to do! 

Now, if you had the opportunity to reduce and get rid of that stubborn fat, you and I both know that you would take it. This is where our Fat Cavitation machine comes in... so if you’re ready, say goodbye to those love handles, mummy tummy or back fat!  

If you are looking for a non-invasive treatment and have realistic expectations, then this weight loss solution is for you!  



The Fat cavitation has 6 handles, each specifically designed for different areas of the body. It adopts energetic frequencies including radio frequency, ultrasound and infrared for the purpose of skin tightening, cellulite reduction and face lifting. All while laying down!  

The treatment focuses on sculpting your future (sorry, figure! 😉 ), and enhancing your silhouette by reducing the fat and tightening the skin in the treatment area.  

The treatment uses ultrasound frequency to break down fat cells, while also improving blood circulation, lymphatic drainage (important for organ function, waste removal) and assisting in further reduction of stubborn fat deposits. 



Although you can use Fat Cavitation on almost any area of the body, it is most common to use it on areas such as face, buttocks, upper arms, stomach and thighs (inner and outer).  



If you are a new client, you will be required to complete our paperwork and complete an initial short consultation prior to your first session.  

Following this, you will be asked to lay down for the session duration. Your technician will then apply gel to the treated area before using the appropriate handheld device to deliver the ultrasound energy, often through circular motions. 

To add to the number of benefits, it takes less than 30minutes and there is no downtime! You can go about your daily activities straight after your sessions.  



Don’t worry, Fat Cavitation is a safe and non-invasive treatment that helps reduce the pockets of fat without invasive surgery such as liposuction. In combination with RF skin tightening, it is often described as painless, comfortable or even relaxing.  

As with any form of treatment, there is a possibility that a temporary side effect may occur.  

Side effects in the cavitated area can include: 

Tenderness or bruising Skin irritation Temporary numbness  Redness (may occur post RF treatment, however usually subsides quickly) 

Fat Cavitation is not recommended for people who are pregnant, under 18 years old or have a pacemaker. As always with treatments, it is important to consult with your GP prior to doing a session.  




The number of sessions is purely dependent on your body sculpting goals and individual situation.  

To maximise on your results, you may be looking anywhere between 6-12 fat cavitation sessions and 4-8 RF skin tightening treatments. However, your technician will assess your goals during your first session and help you work out a plan. 

In order to allow the broken-down fat to settle and naturally eliminate from your body, it is important that you allow for a week to pass before having your next session. 



You are most likely going to see a difference after your first or second fat cavitation session, however the most noticeable of improvements generally take place after the third treatment.  

For RF treatments, it is most likely that you will feel and notice the difference of your skin after your first session. The effect of increased collagen production is long standing; seeing their full benefits around 3 months post treatment.  

This is the time where you will feel a smoother texture, and can enjoy your firmer, youthful look! 



A healthy skin care and body routine is always important, and it isn’t any different following a treatment. It is crucial that you help flush the broken-down fat cells from your system. To do this, we strongly encourage you support your lymphatic system by drinking a minimum of 1.5L of water a day to keep hydrated.  

The use of RF frequency for skin tightening can increase sun sensitivity, so trying to stay out of the sun for a couple days after is a good idea!  

Pelvic Pro Info


The HIEMT Pelvic Pro uses high-intensity electromagnetic energy to induce short, deep supramaximal muscle contractions to the whole pelvic floor area. 

It is suitable for people of any age (18+) who desire a non-invasive, safe & painless solution for incontinence. It is perfect for both men and women searching to strengthen their core muscles and improve their intimate life. Factors including normal aging, childbirth and menopause lead to decondition and insufficient support of the pelvic organs. Such factors directly correlate with conditions such as urinary incontinence and a decrease in intimate satisfaction.

The Pelvic Pro triggers approx. 11,000 muscle contractions per 30-minute session, that is equivalent to 11,000 Kegel exercises!

**Suitable for post pregnancies & all ages of men and women**



Only HIEMT brings non-invasive technology to postpartum women and solves the separation of rectus abdominis for many mothers.  

The latest of MRI's and CT computed tomography medical research confirmed that after a treatment session, the separation of rectus abdominis was reduced by an average of 19%, while fat loss was reduced by 30% and muscle increased by 25%.

It is the perfect solution for mothers to lose weight and maintain health post delivery.


- Rehabilitation of weakened pelvic muscles / organs

- Improves Incontinence

- Assists in re-educating the muscles

- Promotes postpartum repair

- Improves private health

- Improves bladder and urine control

- Muscle building / muscle stimulation

- Improves recovery from childbirth (for women)

- Improves recovery post prostate surgery (for men)

- Restoration of Neuromuscular Control in the area

- Strengthening of Pelvic Floor muscles all at once

- No recovery / downtime

- TGA Approved

Inbody570 Scanner Info

The InBody570 is a bioelectric impedance body composition analyser that uses the 8 point electrode, including thumb technology.

By utilising Direct Segmental Multi-frequency Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (DSM-BIA), it separately measures the impedance of the trunk, arms and legs of your body.

The InBody machine is included in the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods - ARTG Number 207297 and the technology is protected by over 50 patents worldwide.

The Inbody measures your body parts individually instead of as a whole.

With a price range of $35-$40 per scan, this is a very good way to track what is going on INSIDE your body.

- Access to online results

- Takes less than 60 seconds

- Personal consultation included

- 15 min appointment

- Kewdale based only

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Did you know that approx. 80% of adults have or has experienced lower back pain during their life time? Crazy, right!

So how can HIEMT help?

Our machine uses electromagnetic energy to produce powerful supramaximal contractions to help treat middle, lower and cervical back pain. The treatment focuses on creating new muscle fibres through contractions to strengthen back muscles; enabling clients to carry on with their daily life without suffering those annoying aches and pains.

Regardless of the intensity of your career path, it has had excellent results with helping large numbers of people to date.


HIEMT clients with previous medical injuries have reported a significant reduction in aches and pains related to the injured area after receiving treatment. This of course, is purely dependant on the injury or condition experienced.

The muscle contractions and creation of new muscle fibres produced by HIEMT strengthens and supports the muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones in the treatment area.

Stronger muscles and tendons assist in holding the body in proper alignment while also protecting both bones and joints in movement and under impact.


The combination of electromagnetic energy and supramaximal muscle contractions increases blood circulation; moving it to your muscles to help build them stronger and faster.

An increase in blood flow not only provides the muscle with fresh oxygen and blood, it also leads the muscle's waste back to the kidneys. Faster recovery times, general tissue improvment and less muscle / joint sorenesss are some reasons why this is important.



Build instant, long-lasting muscle and burn fat simultaneously with our non-invasive HIEMT body sculpting treatment.


The Pelvic Pro strengthens your pelvic floor muscles; improving urinary incontinence & erectile dysfunction (ED).


Get rid of that stubborn fat with our revolutionary Fat Cavitation treatment!

Inbody570 Scanner - Wattle Grove

A quick, easy and accurate way for you to track and monitor your fitness progress!

- Access to online results
- Takes less than 60 seconds
- Personal consultation included


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